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    The corporation is developed from TaiZhou special motor factory which is a leader of special motor industry, nearly twenty years of experiences in the manufacture of motor are obtained. It’s the pioneer manufacturers of vibrator motor in china,and is the participator in the drawing of industry standard for vibrator motor.
    The corporation located in LinHai city,zhejiang province, a east province of china.it’s only 200m distance frome No.104 national highway, and 2 kilometers from the export of Yong-Tai-Weng express way,.the traffic is very convenient. The number of employee in corporation are 270,the construction area is 5600 m2, and production value in 2006 year is 9.2 millions yuans RMB.Our products is widely used in many industries, such as power,construction material,coal,mime, metallurgy and foundry,etc. Hangzhou Taiyang foundry technology Co., Ltd. one of the largest manufacturer of foundry machine, and it’s vibration motors are supplied all by us.Small batch of our motors are saled to coutries of eastsouth Asia.
    A technology center of province level has been built in our corporation in cooperation with universities,the technology center has 23 boffins,three of them have doctor's degree.The center has developed many new type of vibrator motor such as composite rotor vibrator motor,double unit vibrator motor,frequency conversion vibrator motor,linear vibrator motor,switch reluctance vibrator motor, etc.We own 6 patents of vibrator motor.Our technique level is keep ahead in vibrator motor industry of china.
    The double unit vibration motor is a new type product of our corporation,it’s the largest vibrator motor in present in china,this type of motor are working successfully in more than fifty large enterprises.
    Our equipments and test apparatus are advanced, Besides conventional equipments and instruments,we have a lot of advanced equipments and instruments,such as CNC Machining Centers, CMM-Coordinate Measuring Machine, CNC milling machines, CNC motor synthesis test systems, etc., these are the guarantee of good quality of our motor.
    We have got the certificate of ISO9000 and certificate for china compulsory product certification.

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